7 Tips for Writing Successful AdWords Text Ads

The different between fantastic AdWords text ads and okay ones can be huge. Even a 1% improvement in click through rate (from 4% to 5% for example) means you’ll get 25% more clicks for the same amount of impression!

Here are some tips for creating successful AdWords Text Ads:

1. What makes your service/product different than others?

Make your ads stand out from the competition by highlighting something special about your service.

For Example:

  • Speed of service
  • Price
  • warranty period
  • Experience
  • Award/Rank (#1 company in…)
  • free/fast shipping
  • free returns/money-back


2. Be Specific

Instead of saying: Fast Service, Try: Custom T-Shirts Ready in 2 hrs

3. Call-to-Action

Encourage your customers to take action. Like:

  • Try it today
  • Book Online
  • Schedule your…
  • Download now
  • Start saving now

4. Do You Offer A Promotion?

Great! Don’t forget to tell your customers

  • Limited time sale
  • 50% off…
  • Exclusive sale
  • Special edition available now

5. Use Search Terms in Your Ads

Users click on an ad that’s close to what they were searching for. In WabHub, use the [Ad Group Name] variable. That a simple and easy way to increase your click through rate.

It also helps to use your keywords in your display URL. WabHub automatically sets that up for you.

6. Use Phrases from Your Landing Page

Sometimes the best copy already exist in your site! Check your landing page. It helps to get users familiar with your offering right from the start.

7. Keep it Simple, and test, test, test…

  • Create at least 3 variation of ads for each ad group. Google AdWords can automatically show more the ad with the better click through rate.
  • Don’t use excessive punctuation like: … !!! etc’
  • Make sure headline 1 & 2 are stand along phrases. Those will be separated in smaller screens.

For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your AdWords account visit WabHub.