Cutting 40% of Cost While Doubling the Number of Conversions!

TAXI is an Independent A&R company based in Calabasas, CA, that was founded in 1992 by music veteran Michael Laskow with the intent of helping songwriters, artists, bands, and composers get their music heard by record labels, music publishers, and supervisors of film/TV projects.

How did you managed your AdWords Campaign before WabHub?

“I’ve used 2 different agencies – one of which was considered to be the best agency in the world and was recommended by one of the world’s foremost expert on everything SEO and PPC. I was quite disappointed to find out that basically they were doing a minimal amount of work on my account, letting me spend a fortune every month on keywords that I shouldn’t have been spending money on. Those keywords were buried so deep in the account that there was no way for me to find them.  They were looking at the account for about 10 minutes/week, simply changing some bids up or down. That’s about all they did, and I was paying them a small fortune.”

Tell Us About Your Experience With WabHub

“When I saw the search terms I was wasting money on it made me want to throw up. When I think about all the money that I’ve pissed away over so many years, I could have purchased a couple more homes. With WabHub I’m able to easily see the phrases that I want to get rid of. But at the end, it all boils down to one thing: I’m spending 40% less and getting twice as many conversions! That’s what we all want!”

“That’s what it all comes down to with AdWords. I have yet to meet a person who can keep up with the technological aspect of Google AdWords. The agencies created campaigns for me that always needed massive optimization on a weekly basis. With Wabhub, that’s not the case. For the first time in 15 years, I finally feel like I’m not wasting thousands of dollars per month on my AdWords spend. I have a solid AdWords campaign that bring quality visitors that actually need our services.”

Running Your Business – Not Your AdWords Account

As a business owner, I need to run an entire business, not just an AdWords campaign. You can’t dedicate 6 hours a day learning and perfecting AdWords. You also can’t blindly trust an agency to deal with the technical details of your Adwords account if it doesn’t have the right tools. Finally, AdWords managing is simple! WabHub made it easy for me to manage Adwords while focusing on running my business.

Kara Dioguardi and Michael Laskow

Kara Dioguardi and Michael Laskow at TAXI Road Rally Convension