Optimize AdWords – Even if you’re not an expert.

An Interview with Matt DeVorzon of MasterWriter.com

Matt DeVorzon, Vice-President at MasterWriter Inc., has been running a successful business for many years. They are based in Santa Barbara, CA and sells software for creative writers and songwriters. I interviewed Matt after they used WabHub for their AdWords campaign.

What Kinds OF Advertising Methods Are You Using?

“We collaborate with others businesses that market for writers, writers magazines, promotions by email and of course – Google AdWords.”

How Did You Manage Your AdWords Campaign Before WabHub?

MasterWriter Adwords Optimization“We had someone who used to manage it many years ago, and we basically used whatever he set up. I eventually made some modifications to it through talking to people at Google. Basically, that remained pretty stagnant till I found WabHub. I was quite intimidated from AdWords, unsure whether I set things up properly, and I was certainly not monitoring it properly. It was a bit overwhelming for me to make the best of it.”

What Was Your Experience of Optimizing Your AdWords Campaign With WabHub?

“It was great! It was easy to see where our ads were showing for irrelevant search terms to what we’re selling. I also learned a lot about the proper structure of an AdWords campaign. It was the first time I could optimize my own campaigns without the fear of making a costly mistake. The best part of it was seeing the results the next day! After cleaning up all the irrelevant keywords, we got 254% more clicks, A 9.65% CTR and all that at a 20% less cost per click than what we used to pay. We immediately saw a significant increase in our sign up rate.”

What’s Next For MasterWriter?

“Now that we got our AdWords campaigns all optimized I’m focusing on improving our site. We also imported our AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads and we’re seeing similar results over there with an even lower cost per click.”

Final Thoughts?

“I’m happy I gave WabHub a try. Pay per click marketing almost seemed to me like something that only big corporations can do properly. With WabHub, it was easy! I highly recommend it.”