Are Long Tail Keywords More Expensive?!

Are Long Tail Keywords More Expensive?

Are Long Tail Keywords More Expensive?

One of my readers who followed my previous post about long tail keywords applied the principals and isolated those into new ad groups. However, he also reported that his average CPC went UP!

Long Tail Keywords Effect on CPC

Is he really paying more for long tail keywords? The simple answer is no.
It might look like the average CPC went up because the broad/phrase keyword that was used to target that long tail keyword also targeted a lot of other (cheaper) search terms.

When you isolate a long tail keyword, its CPC doesn’t average with other inexpensive keywords. You simply see that long tail keyword CPC.

How to check?

Go to the search term report and look for that specific search term cost per click.

Search Terms Report

Search Terms Report

What to do?

Not much :). You did a good job isolating that search term. Watch your conversions and adjust your bids accordingly.