Apt2B is simply the coolest furniture company. We were very excited to work on their campaign. We see, touch and use our furniture many hours a day. Still, people compromise by turning to big box stores like Ikea to purchase cheap furniture, or buying expensive products that are dated. Apt2B’s furniture is for modern consumers who aren’t afraid to pay a bit more for a QUALITY product that looks more UNIQUE.

Alex Back and Mat Herman are the co-founders of APT2B. Alex is in charge of the operation/marketing/sales while Mat is responsible for product manufacturing. I could tell that Alex is not the average marketer from looking at their site. Their site has all the features that a professional e-commerce site should have and more! The design is amazing and their promotions are better than any furniture company out there – no doubt about it.

Get The Right Tools to Do The Job

When it comes to pay per click – Alex didn’t compromise and went with the number one rated agency in the country. They paid them monthly a four-figure amount for several years.

“We weren’t seeing many improvements with our new agency but, at the same time, didn’t realize that things could get much better. WabHub was great for both us and our agency as it pointed out some ways that neither of us had even thought of to improve our campaign. WabHub has tools and tricks that even our highly regarded agency didn’t have. Now the agency is looking to use WabHub for all of its other clients”


Changing Your Marketing Plan Can be Intimidating

“It wasn’t easy to convince me to give WabHub a try. I thought to myself: ‘What can a small software company do that two big agencies couldn’t?’ But, as a marketer I wanted to do everything I could to help my company grow. After thinking about it, I realized there’s no risk in trying it out since my old campaigns will stay intact. I can switch back with a click of a button. 

Amazing Results the Next Day!

“Working with the software was easy! It took us less than an hour to build ads for a newly restructured campaign. That made me even more skeptical. How can something so simple improve my campaign so much?

To make sure it’s a 1:1 comparison with our old campaigns, we kept everything the same: no additional keywords/search terms were added, same bidding, same negative keywords, same ad schedule. In fact, we even copied the shell of the old campaign and used that for the new adgroups.

The results were amazing. Immediately, our CTR nearly doubled and our cost per click went down by about 25%!

Here’s a snapshot of the new vs. old campaign results after $1000 were spent:

While we pay 25% less per click, we’re now getting a better impression share and we are placed in a better position! I was shocked to see that in less than an hour, WabHub made a huge difference!”

What’s next for Apt2B?

“Given the fact that WabHub makes it so simple to manage AdWords, we can easily add additional campaigns, add new keywords and update our promotions frequently. It’s nice to know that we don’t have to worry about the technical side of things and just focus our creativity on improving our business.

I would highly recommend it to any business – even just as a benchmark to test their agency. In our case, WabHub Works!”