AdWords Tree View – Don’t Get Lost in Large Accounts

Adwords Tree View

Adwords Tree View

When you decide to Group Keywords Like a Pro, and to save money using The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords, you end up with hundreds if not thousands of ad groups. The problem is that it’s a nightmare to manage.

WabHub’s solution (and I’m not trying to brag about my own software and how much time/money it can save you. well… maybe a little bit) is: THE TREE VIEW.

The Only Way to Control Large Scale Campaigns

The first thing you’ll notice after you import your AdWords account to WabHub is the Tree-View. Using our patent-pending algorithm, we sort your keywords according to themes. We then sort those themes into levels.

WabHub Tree View

WabHub Tree View

Let’s take an example of a one of my personal accounts – I have a campaign with ad groups like:

‘drum beats’
‘drum loops’
‘drum tracks’
‘drum samples’

In WabHub’s tree view, you’ll see it in levels.

It really comes handy when there are more words like: Rock drum beats 120 bpm
That will appear as: drum > beats > rock > bpm > 120.



Navigate Your Account Faster than Ever

The tree view allows you to view all your ad groups and keywords according to a hierarchy. Navigating from one ad group to another is easy. Instead of searching a list, find the root and follow the branch.

Reviewing New Keywords and Search Terms

When adding new keywords, this view saves even more time. I usually start from a seed keyword in Google AdWords keyword planner.  In most cases, I get a list of about 700 keywords, which I have to review. Reviewing them one by one takes forever and usually the list is very repetitive. Since the tree view groups close variant keywords together I end up reviewing only about 50 items.

The same goes for reviewing search terms from AdWords search terms report. Instead of reviewing repetitive search terms one by one, the tree view saves me about 90% of the work!

Creating Ads and Biding on Multiple Ad Groups

Large scale accounts that contain lots of ad groups are easy to manage with a tree view. Creating an ad for several ad groups is as simple as selecting a branch. Then the ad can be applied to all ad groups in that branch. You can take it one step further by applying a variable to target the exact term from the ad group. The same goes for bidding. I can apply biding to a parent theme instead of a each ad group individually.

The hierarchy makes it easy to collect data. If there’s not enough data for a specific level, go up one level. You’ll have data from additional ad groups in the same subject.