Creating a ‘PERFECT’ AdWords Campaign is Impossible

OR, More Accurately: Humanly impossible

The Perfect AdWords Campaign

The Perfect AdWords Campaign

There are many ways to target users. In search campaigns, the AdWords system requires you to specify the keywords you want to target. Sounds simple, right? Well, it used to be easy up until September 2014, when Google made close variants mandatory. Up until then, PPC managers were able to choose whether we wanted them or not.

The Best Structure for Search Campaigns

To explain the campaign structure behind WabHub’s algorithms, I’ll use an example. It might be a bit complicated, but it’s the key for creating a perfect AdWords campaign.

  1. Let’s say you’re targeting a phrase like: “Nike Shoes”.
  2. In your search term report, you might find a term like: “Nike shoes for men size 11”.

If you separate the search term into its own ad group, you’ll be able generate a targeted ad – sending the user to a specific landing page that targets his search query!

Better AdWords Ads

Better AdWords Ads

Ad Group Level Negative Keywords

Up until here, it sounds simple right? Well, the problem is now you’re targeting the same term from two different ad groups!

You’re essentially “Competing with yourself!”.

The solution is to add ad group level negative keywords to the old ad group to prevent it from triggering the terms in the new ad group. (-men, -size, -11)

Low Search Volume

If your term has “low search volume” (which means people don’t search it very often) it isn’t likely to trigger any of your ads.

In that case, your old ad group wouldn’t trigger ads because of the ad group level negative keywords you added.

And the new ad group won’t trigger your ads because it has keywords with low search volume.
The last part is effect of close variants.

Close Variants: can’t live with them, can’t live without them

If you added the ad group level negative keyword ‘men’ to the old group, you are still competing with both ad groups on close variants like: Man, Men’s, manly, manned, manning etc.

So to create the perfect campaign, you’ll also need to add all the close variants of the ad group level negative keyword.
You guessed right. It’s humanly impossible to create the perfect campaign.

Luckily, the WabHub web app, will do all that for you with just one click.

It will:

  • Harvest your keywords and search terms
  • Check for search volume
  • Automatically create new ad groups
  • Add ad group level negative keywords
  • And their close variants

All with just one click.

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